Let the journey begin!

Indy helps horse lovers of all disciplines and levels of ability with the opportunity to improve their communication, feel, and unity with their horses.  Indy offers one-on-one instruction at your facility or home with you and your horse.  Indy also conducts instructional clinics at his ranch, Stone Horse Ranch, in Orangeville, Illinois and at other facilities.  He also conducts leadership workshops for a variety of organizations from school and church groups to businesses of all types.


  It's all about the partnership!

      Indy is dedicated to helping individuals establish a partnership with their horses.  Indy believes that safety for the horse and rider are vitally important. With Indy O'Connor you will discover that there are no gimmicks or shortcuts to authentic horsemanship.  Indy helps people discover that their horse needs leadership that is patient and consistent.  Like a dance, the one who leads needs to know the steps and move in harmony with their partner. 

  Indy O'Connor
Agape Natural Horsemanship
"Horses helping humans become better people."